PelleK - Covers, Vol. 30 [best of/compilation] (2018)
01. Ultimate Battle (From "Dragon Ball Super")
02. Asphyxia (From "Tokyo Ghoul:re")
03. Asustado (From "The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy")
04. Odd Future (From "My Hero Academia")
05. Howling (From "Seven Deadly Sins")
06. In The Dark Of The Night (From "Anastasia")
07. This Game (From "No Game No Life")
08. Go Cry Go (From "Overlord")
09. Pantalones Rotos (From "Bob Esponja")
10. Recuérdame (From "Coco")
11. Soy Un Cacahuete (From "Bob Esponja")
12. We Are The World
13. El Hechicero (From "Pato Lucas")

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